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    Weekend project – RDA5807 FM Radio


    Putting a bunch of used stuff together to build a FM radio. This build remembers me how complicated was, build a FM Radio in the old days. Lots of coils, transistors, ceramic filters, a CA1310 as stereo decoder. Today we have all in one single chip and surprisingly no coils. To control this module, I chose […]

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    USB HUB support to STM32F4 family


    If you need to support various usb  devices in your project, you will need a usb hub. Checkout my repository to fork that project:   https://github.com/mori-br/STM32F4HUB   This development is based on USB specification 2.0, chapter 11 (HUB specification) that can be found at:   http://sdphca.ucsd.edu/lab_equip_manuals/usb_20.pdf   You only need a STM32F4 development board and […]

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