• Weekend project – RDA5807 FM Radio


    Putting a bunch of used stuff together to build a FM radio. This build remembers me how complicated was, build a FM Radio in the old days. Lots of coils, transistors, ceramic filters, a CA1310 as stereo decoder. Today we have all in one single chip and surprisingly no coils. To control this module, I chose […]

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    Playing PS3/PS4 with a mouse and keyboard (Part 2)


    In this post I will show you how to install the firmware and the configuration software. The configuration software (BeastBox) will be used to configure the behavior of keys, mouse translation parameters and update the device firmware. This software was written using QT Framework so it can be easily compiled to other operating systems. The setup […]

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    Playing PS3/PS4 with a mouse and keyboard (Part 1)


    Introduction After a long time, I finally get a time to write a tutorial and share a DIY device for playing PS4/PS3 with mouse and keyboard. This version of project was named BeastBox, and for those guys that saw the previous version called Carbon, this version is much more easier to build. All those versions […]

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    USB HUB support to STM32F4 family


    If you need to support various usb  devices in your project, you will need a usb hub. Checkout my repository to fork that project:   https://github.com/mori-br/STM32F4HUB   This development is based on USB specification 2.0, chapter 11 (HUB specification) that can be found at:   http://sdphca.ucsd.edu/lab_equip_manuals/usb_20.pdf   You only need a STM32F4 development board and […]

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